RAD Officer's Dagger - D115


When it comes to a RAD Officer's Dagger, it is truly a pleasure to offer an example that has the looks and appeal, of the one that is seen here. With so many of these daggers polished to death, it a thrill to offer one that has the appearance, that collector absolutely love to see!


This RAD officer's dagger produced by Alcoso, was made fairly early in the production time frame that these edged weapons first made their appearance. Looking at the Alcoso trademark, it is the 2nd of 5 that this company was known to use, as seen on their early Heer blades. And being so, this hewer has a beautiful quality that is associated with it. As you can see, the detailed eagle head pommel has turned to a pleasant combination of light and dark, giving the bird and ominous look to it. It's simulated mother of pearl grip plates are in perfect condition, and void of any chips, cracks or splits. They have been expertly fitted to the hilt, and fit with precision. The matching period grip plate screw has not been turned on these plates, and is seated flush. The actual crossguard featuring the RAD symbol of the spade and wheat shafts, exhibits the same dark uncleaned patina that the rest of the hilt shows. A great looking hilt on this dagger that has just a wonderful appeal to it.


This is a scabbard to die for! With the shell perfectly straight, and nearly 100% of the blued panels covering the pebbled surface, this scabbard is a show stopper. Even the original silver frosting which is always gone from these scabbards, rates 98% throughout! A scabbard like this is just so rare to find in this condition, it's unbelievable! Both of the throat screws are firmly in place, and untouched. I've not had a RAD officer's with this beautiful of a scabbard, ever. I guess this is why this dagger has been sitting on my desk for a while, and I've not listed it until now.


The blade is a beauty! It is full length, unsharpened, void of any nicks or any other detractions. It's matte finish with the factory darkened motto, is a site to behold. A couple of very light runner marks and age specks, show that the blade has never been cleaned nor polished. It's a great feeling when you have all the components of hilt, blade, and scabbard, that come together, in beautiful dagger like this.


If that isn't enough, there is an original set of RAD Officer's hangers that comes with this RAD too. The leather on this set show light age overall, but are still nice and supple. Both of the clips retain strong spring tension, and are in fine working order. At the top belt hanger, there is a RAD hat emblem that has been loosely attached. I've just left it there as it makes such a neat display the way that it is.


There you have it. One hell of a RAD Officer's Dagger with every thing that you need for a perfect display. No doubt the next owner will be as thrilled as myself, when this gorgeous 3rd Reich edged weapon becomes theirs.  An investment 3rd Reich edged weapon, even for the most discriminant collector.   $4195.00


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